Hi everyone! I deeply apologize that I was gone for more that a half a year, but now I’m back! 🙂 It’s so exciting, and I’m super glad I can talk to you again 🙂 As you can read from the title, some big changes are coming, but first, I would like to give you a brief info about it 🙂

From the start of the year, it has been quite a leap. My mental health has made a huge step forward in a positive way, and I can feel it in every aspect of my life. Now I’m not lost anymore and I want to enjoy everything in the best way I can. That includes not only the relationship with my boyfriend, but also finding a new job which you can see here. Just disclaimer: I am not paid in any way for promoting this. I am just so proud that I can share with you something which I am part of 🙂 And meanwhile, I’m also trying to run my own business, which is pretty exhausting and it is not going as well as I would want. However,…

About the big news. Soon, I will completely transform my site which means deleting all the content that is here now. (Maybe I leave something, but I’m not sure about that yet.) It’s kind of bittersweet and sad because I put a lot of energy into it, but that’s the meaning of new beginning. Moving on, saying goodbye and starting from scratch is necessary sometimes.

But don’t worry 😉 The beautiful and exciting thing is that I want to show you how far I have come. So… I want to do a small shop here and offer you my handmade products 🙂 I thought about it a lot if this is a proper way or not. But according to new “me”: “To hell with it.” 😀

When you love something, give all your heart and passion into it, no matter what 🙂

By the way, if you are interested in what I do, just search handmade_silversirena on instagram. It’s not an account in English, but still, the images speak for themselves 🙂 And also important note, every feedback is welcome 😉

I would love to tell you more but it’s not ready yet. There are still some things that needed to be done, and my schedule is enormously full. But I hope you like this idea as much as me 🙂 More info will come soon.

SilverSirena ♥

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